Kyrön Sähkö Ltd.

Kyrön Sähkö is a versatile company operating in the electricity business and providing services in South-Western Finland. The company’s history can be traced back as far as to the 1930s. Today the company employs 30 persons, and our turnover is ~5 million euros.

During the last 20 years, the main focus has more and more shifted to mechanic wood-processing. It covers now approx. 80 % of our turnover. We are the biggest electrifier of various processes at sawmills in Finland. Almost all the most important device suppliers that deliver plants in Finland, this including both Finnish and Scandinavian companies, belong to our clients.
In Europe, we have contracted sawmill plants in more than ten countries. Our expertise in mechanic wood-processing extends to all the partial areas within a sawmill, varying from a log sorter to grading plant and further processing plants, such as a planing mill. We electrify also drying plants for several different device suppliers.

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We have almost 20 years’ experience of the electrification of heat plants, too. We electrified the very first bioheat plant in 1995.
We have electrified bioheat plants whose size has varied from private persons’ plants of 500 kilowatts to big plants with the power exceeding 12 megawatts. Our capacity suffices for the electrification of even bigger plants. We process several heat plants per annum, their locations varying both in Finland and abroad.

Our company’s partners and management also participate in practical installation works with their full contribution. This way, there always is a person authorized to decision-making present at the worksite. This allows smooth and rapid communication between us and the client. Another advantage is also the fact that the person involved in the business deal is also present at the worksite, instead of being a mere voice at the other end of the telephone line. This guarantees also the fact that our employees responsible for offer calculations are always kept up-to-date when there are changes in the client’s operating modes and systems. The speed and quality of our work, the flexibility of our operations and first of all, our ability to keep the schedules, which sometimes are very tight, has provided us long lasting client relationships, based on mutual trust (at the longest well over 20 years).

For more information about industrial electrification jobs, please contact:
Aleksi Siikarla
tel + 358 50 400 0588

Kyrön Sähkö Oy

Kyröntie 24

FI-21800 Kyrö


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